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Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
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Your interior in a rental home
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Your interior in a rental home

You visit a rental house or apartment.

In most cases, neutral colors such as beige, gray or white will be used.

Is 'that' house really what you were looking for, close to the center not too far from work and your friends and family.

According to most rental contracts, you are also not allowed to make changes, make holes in the wall, etc.

There are easy and relatively cheap solutions to make the home warmer and more homely.

Because ultimately, you have to feel good in the house and you have to make it your home.

  • Use window decorations such as curtains, these will suddenly make the room warmer and bring a touch of color into the room
  • Use carpets, these also give extra warmth to the room and break the view of the floor if you are not a fan of it
  • Use wallpaper that acts as an adhesive and is easy to remove
  • Go for warm colors when choosing furniture and decoration
  • For cushions I would rather go for fabrics that already look warmer, such as
    • fake fur for example. Easy to change in summer!
  • The Tesa brand has a whole range for hanging posters, frames, etc. that you can use without damaging your walls.

Would you rather have a lick of paint on the wall but don't feel like doing the extra work or don't have a budget for a painter? Make it a day of painting with friends when you move in and leave the house.

An important tip! Don't focus blindly on things you don't like in the home, but see if a nice solution can't be found.

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