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Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
Open op zondag 25/02 van 10u - 18u
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Pets and our furniture
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Pets and our furniture

My first blog, exciting!

Today I want to talk about furniture and our pets.

I notice it every day with a German Shepherd dog in the house. They shed, bring in a little more dust, but we get so much love in return.

But don't let the pets stop you from choosing a certain material or fabric. Or don't just rely on hair loss when adopting or purchasing a new pet.

There are easy and cheap solutions for everything.

Let us first talk about the floor, choose the right floor and talk to professionals when choosing a new floor.

If you don't have the option to lay a new floor and don't feel like cleaning everything several times every day, you might benefit from the following tips.

  • Buy a rubber brush, you know like hairdressers, this kind of brush holds the hair together and you can get rid of hair on the floor quickly and without much noise.
  • A good vacuum cleaner, if you have cats or dogs at home, a vacuum cleaner that has been developed for animals is definitely recommended.
  • A steamer is also a quick solution when you don't want to mop, it removes the dirt from the pores of the floor.

I also use the rubber brush to remove hair from the carpet. It is a slightly more tiring job if you do not maintain it, but it is certainly a good tip.

Then you also have the dust or hair on your furniture or that nice velvet one-seater that you have. For this I quickly use damp cleaning cloths, quickly wipe over the furniture and you're done! Please note, some brands are strong and it can affect the color of the furniture or leave a (sticky) film.

Let me know if these little tips helped you or if you have any tips for me!

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