Services by Mr. Lunettes are tailor-made for your business.

  • Interior advice Pro by Mr. Lunettes

Advice and designs especially for your business

  • Furniture advice Pro by Mr. Lunettes

Based on your activity, I will determine which furniture is eligible and provide you with guidance during the purchase.

  • Color advice Pro by Mr. Lunettes

Not only paint or wallpaper is discussed, but other options for wall and/or window coverings are also discussed

  • Interior styling Pro by Mr. Lunettes

After a complete Interior Advice Pro by Mr. Lunettes, your business is decorated based on the chosen design

  • The Box Pro by Mr. Lunettes

Decoration is part of the entire furnishing and can change every season. But this is a whole undertaking that you have to plan during your free moments. The purchase is a major expense and storing all that material takes up a lot of space. The Box Pro consists of a selection of decoration items tailored to your business. I leave the choice between renting or purchasing The Box Pro up to you.