Interior advice by Mr. Lunettes

When you have just built, or you are renovating, or your interior is ready for a new look, you can sometimes no longer see the trees due to the large forest of options and possibilities. No problem! I am happy to give you advice on how to perfect your interior.

What can you expect from Mr. Lunettes?

An introductory conversation, virtually or at your home. During this conversation I want to learn more about your wishes, your tastes and of course your budget. In order to realize your dream interior, it is important for me to get to know you as a person.

During a second conversation (about two hours) I will propose three designs to you based on 3D images and mood boards. Afterwards I will provide you with the following:

  • The three 3D designs with mood boards
  • Three Shopping Lists
  • A bundle with tips & tricks

Additionally, you can choose The Styling by Mr. Lunettes, but if you do not choose this, you can still count on two months of assistance during your purchases or with questions.

Cost: 349.95 euros*

*incl. VAT

*Calculated for a space of 35m2

*if the space is larger, a new price will be calculated

Styling by Mr. Lunettes

We have completed the interior design advice, you have chosen one of the designs but you do not immediately have the time or desire to purchase everything to furnish the room. That's why there is Styling by Mr. Lunettes.

What can you expect from Mr. Lunettes?

  • I'll take over the entire project for you
  • Together we will agree on some possible dates for The Styling
  • If professionals are required, I will make the necessary arrangements
  • All items from the design are purchased by Mr. Lunettes and stocked until The Styling
  • On the day(s) of The Styling, the room will be fully furnished as per the agreed design
  • Everything is left tidy and precautions are taken not to dirty other areas
  • Together we do THE BIG REVEAL where I introduce you to the new interior
  • A bundle with all maintenance tips and information about the items used will be delivered
  • After The Big Reveal you can still count on two months of assistance.

Cost: 349.95 euros*

*incl VAT

*calculated on a space of 35m2 and per 4 hours

*Excluding purchase of items and professionals

Furniture advice by Mr. Lunettes

You are looking for a specific piece of furniture, but you are not really sure what to take into account or you do not immediately know where to look. Together with you, I will look for the right piece of furniture online or while traveling.

Price: 54.95 euros per hour (incl. VAT)

The Collection instore and online

Need advice about one or more of the items on The Shop? Be sure to send me an email or a chat and I will help you as quickly as possible. If you are not sure whether a particular item would look good in your interior, you can always send some photos.

This is a free service by Mr. Lunettes