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25% korting op geselecteerde meubels van Umage
25% korting op geselecteerde meubels van Umage
25% korting op geselecteerde meubels van Umage
25% korting op geselecteerde meubels van Umage
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Bring some scent into your interior
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Bring some scent into your interior

Let's talk about scents. A scent can have a lot of meaning for someone and can also add a lot of atmosphere to your interior.

Every scent has its own characteristics and therefore some scents are better to use in a specific room in your home, depending on the atmosphere and for which occasion.

There are different ways to introduce scent into your interior, such as scent diffusers that you have to plug into the socket or that spray automatically after a certain time, you have scented candles, scented sticks, home sprays, you name it, the possibilities are endless. But plants, flowers and yes, even fresh herbs can also help you to have a wonderful scent in your interior.

I have already tried different brands and types of interior perfumes, scented candles and diffusers. The problem for me is that after a while I either no longer smell the scent, or I no longer think it suits the atmosphere. Some home sprays also leave slippery spots on the floor or residue on your furniture because they do not spray properly.

Bad odors can also quickly penetrate curtains, cushions, throws or carpets. Of course you can wash plaids and cushions quickly, but washing curtains is quite a hassle. And if you unexpectedly have some people visiting, washing is not exactly the best option.

Don't choose a textile freshener for this either, I think this scent fades too quickly and says little about myself as a person. But I use a home perfume that is not harmful to textiles. A wonderful scent that I chose myself.

But let's also talk about which scents fit best in which room.

In the hall it is best to choose a very welcoming and warm scent, but not a scent that is too overwhelming.

A subtle and calming scent is definitely recommended in the living room. Take a combination of woody and herbaceous aromas with floral notes. You will see, it will relax you and improve your mood after a busy working day.

The kitchen in itself is a place where many scents come together to create beautiful harmonies. But yes, sometimes there are not so nice smells (remember when your cake was left in the oven for too long?) Anyway, a solution is to put fresh herbs in your kitchen, these have a double function, aroma diffusers. and you can use them for cooking. Don't just think of basil or rosemary, but also use herbs that you use in baking, for example.

If you have a separate office in your home, we go for scents that improve concentration and keep stress levels low.

You naturally want a different atmosphere in the bedroom than in your living room. Here you mainly want to relax. Go for a light and calming scent with a wonderful citrus aroma in combination.

The bathroom then, gosh that's a difficult one, in the morning you don't have time to relax and enjoy nice scents. While you may need that in the evening. But it is best to choose natural scents, the aromas of citrus fruits, flowers and herbs. These will transform your bathroom into a spa.

A nice tip for the bathroom is also scent cubes especially for use while showering.

Enjoy all those wonderful scents! And if you have any tips for me, let me know!

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