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Lounge Around Shuffle | Coffee table

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expand the Lounge Around sofa into a chaise longue, keep an ottoman nearby as extra seating or alternate its use for a coffee table - this multifunctional piece of furniture is the perfect addition to your living room setup.

Lounge Around Shuffle without seat cushion is the perfect table for your coffee, a vase of blooming flowers or just a stack of your favorite magazines.

The expression of the Lounge Around Shuffle references both Scandinavian and Japanese design culture and lifestyle, making the simplicity of the natural material stand out.

Lounge Around Shuffle is available in oak. If you also want to use the Lounge Around Shuffle as an ottoman, you can buy it here with seat cushions.

Designed by: Søren Ravn Christensen

Materials: Solid oak, steel, MDF.

Dimensions: H: 40.3 W: 71.4 D: 71.4 cm

Brand: Umage

Delivery time: +/- 10 days.
This product is supplied by Umage