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Heart'n'Soul | Dinner table

Style: Oak
Colour: Obisidian Black

The Heart'n'Soul nanolaminate dining table is where form follows function, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary and where all aspects of life are celebrated.

Nanolaminate is known for its remarkable durability, with exceptional resistance to scratches, stains and impacts. Perfectly suited to homes where life is lived, the tables will maintain their appearance over time. The flawless and smooth finish of the table top gives your space a sleek look, which will add a modern look to your home and transform the atmosphere.

The dining table is extendable and has two fabric-lined drawers at each end of the table, where you can quickly tidy up the mess and marks that everyday life sometimes leaves behind.

Complementing the natural beauty of oak, the Heart'n'Soul dining table with nanolaminate is available in three colours: Cloud Grey, Moss Green and Obsidian Black.

You can view the beautiful oak version in The Interior Conceptstore.

Designed by: Søren Ravn Christensen

Materials: Solid oak, steel and FENIX® nanolaminate


(H × W × D) 75 × 200 × 90 cm
(H x W x D) 75 × 300 × 90 cm (Extended)

Brand: Umage

Delivery time: +/- 10 days.
This product is supplied by Umage