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Buy 1 Get 1 op alle kussens & plaids
20% korting op geselecteerde items van Umage Meubilair en Verlichting tot en met 17/06/2024
Buy 1 Get 1 op alle kussens & plaids
20% korting op geselecteerde items van Umage Meubilair en Verlichting tot en met 17/06/2024
Buy 1 Get 1 op alle kussens & plaids
20% korting op geselecteerde items van Umage Meubilair en Verlichting tot en met 17/06/2024
Buy 1 Get 1 op alle kussens & plaids
20% korting op geselecteerde items van Umage Meubilair en Verlichting tot en met 17/06/2024
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5 Tips to furnish your home in a budget-friendly manner
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5 Tips to furnish your home in a budget-friendly manner

Almost summer holidays, so the questions "When are you going on holiday?" and “Where are you going?” are also coming. But maybe you are building or renovating and that will take priority this summer. We all have our reasons why we cannot go on holiday.

When you have almost finished building or renovating, the time has come to really think about the design of your home. Of course you have done this before when you looked at the plans with the architect or when you started the renovations. For some renovations you don't need an architect. But the actual setting up can now almost begin. If you have no idea at all about what and how, you can always call on an interior designer or stylist. Also Mr. Lunettes can help you with that. But if you already have an idea, you can start shopping. I would like to give you 5 tips to furnish your home in a budget-friendly way, so that there may still be budget left to plan a (short) holiday.

Tip 1: Choose which interior you want.

Everything starts with choosing the interior you want and what is important to you. Also take into account any children or pets. If you have children and/or pets, but you want everything in very light color tones, that is of course possible. However, keep in mind that you may need to brush a little more. Do you want a maintenance-friendly interior, a light interior, modern, vintage, boho, colorful? The list of possible interiors is enormous, almost infinitely long, because you can combine everything. It's about what you want and how you want to live and live.

Tip 2: Make a list and budget per room.

When you have to furnish an entire home, there are many rooms and areas that need new furniture and decoration. Draw up a budget for furniture and any decorations per room or space. Of course, the furnishing also involves paint or wallpaper. But my tip is to make a separate budget for that.

If there are rooms that you are not really going to use right away, you can delete them from the budget, but keep them in mind, because one day you will have to furnish them.

Now focus on the places that you will really use straight away, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom(s). You've probably already budgeted for the kitchen and bathroom to install the cabinets, tub, shower, sink, etc. For these rooms it is still about decoration, budget and furnishings. Don't forget to factor in lighting and carpets. They contribute to the right atmosphere in your interior.

You have probably already looked around at what furniture and decoration you would like to have in each room. Together with your budget, it is best to make a shopping list per room. This way you have a complete overview and you prevent impulse purchases. Haven't you visited furniture stores or looked at interior design sites yet? Do that first before you make your list. But don't just base your list on the first interior design store you visit. See also tip 3 about interior design shops.

Tip 3: Buy consciously.

When drawing up your list, you have probably already visited many stores or websites.

Buy consciously is THE tip: buy decoration that you can easily change place, both within the same room and in another room. This way you can always give your interior a new impulse.

You can buy furniture and decoration very cheaply in various stores, but also consider its quality. Of course, for the budget, the cheaper options seem ideal, but the quality may not be ideal. And in the end this can be more expensive. You know the saying: cheap isn't always good. There are also cheap items that are of good quality, which you can find in smaller interior design stores.

There are also brands that strongly focus on sustainability. For example, Umage, where the seating furniture and cabinets are made of oak and the upholstery can easily be replaced if necessary. You can also buy lighting consciously. It is better not to buy a composite set, but a lampshade that you can also place on a stand. This way you can make a small adjustment to your interior without spending a lot of money.

Are you going to decorate the children's rooms? Remember that children quickly change favorite colors or favorite things. Buy items that will last or hang in the room for a long time and finish them off with some of their favorite princesses or superheroes.

Buy local! Don't just go to the well-known big stores, but also visit smaller interior design stores. Who knows, there might be one near you. You will see that you do not always pay more and that you also get old-fashioned, genuine service.

Tip 4: You can save!

The summer sales are coming and then you can of course buy nice items at a lower price. But also during the year there are showroom models that are offered at a lower price. There is generally nothing wrong with showroom models , they have just been tested by other interested parties.

Beautiful tableware is also a big part of the budget, you may not have included this in the furnishing budget, but the plates and glasses do contribute to that beautiful dining table where you welcome your guests. If you would like to have a complete set of the same tableware, there are many nice, beautiful and budget-friendly solutions. But if you like to make a statement with your tableware, you can choose to put together your own tableware from different plates in thrift stores or second-hand stores.

Tip 5: Buy what you need and like.

We are all happy to be assisted by family or friends for tips. We are all sometimes guided by beautiful advertisements and trendy interiors on Instagram. But the home you furnish is the home where you will live and, above all, live. For example, if you don't have children (yet) and you're not the kind of person who has a lot of friends or family visiting at the same time, don't think: "Oh, we'll buy that huge sofa for when we need it." But then buy the seating furniture you need now. For example, four dining room chairs are a minimum that you can use. Also take into account the space you have. A smaller living space simply does not have room for a huge sofa or a dining table for 12 people. Nothing is more annoying than buying something, having it put together and then discovering that it doesn't fit. You can then exchange or return it, but unfortunately that costs time and money. Don't get me wrong, if you want a big sofa and you have room for it, go for it! Tips can help you, but ultimately you make the decision.

These were my 5 budget tips. There are of course many more. Before you start decorating, remember: just because all the items are beautiful individually doesn't always mean they will be beautiful together. Make good choices and pay attention to fabrics, textures and materials. Or be assisted by a professional. Even a professional can be budget-friendly.

Have fun and enjoy your possible holiday!

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